The IRS doesn't want you to know this...



Why Index Universal Life (IUL)

  • use tax laws to your advantage and never get taxed by the city, state, or federal government on your funds in the account no matter how much your money grows... even if it grows to millions.
  • confidently leverage an index strategy to grow your money when the stock market performs well, but have zero risk when the market drops.
  • simplify access to liquid funds so you can easily use your money without having to deal with withdrawal penalties from a 401K or deal with denials for bank loans.
  • get protected and have access to a lump sum payout if you become terminally or chronically ill and can no longer work.
  • And so much more!

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Hi, I'm Nobu.

I have done well with real estate investing, but I would be much further along if I had gotten an IUL sooner.

My mission is to empower you to take control of your financial future and create the life you’ve always dreamed of without relying on your boss or the government.

Index Universal Life (IUL) is an important vehicle to have as part of your portfolio that most people dont know about, but would highly benefit from getting.

But it's only useful if it is properly structured based on the end goal.

That’s why each IUL design is custom to the client's goals.

And I provide continued education before and after you get your account so you know exactly how to maximize your IUL benefits based on your financial goals.

I am excited to continue to help more people like you achieve the financial freedom you deserve!


Licensed IUL Specialist in All 50 States with relationships with over 40 A+ rated carriers